Flo-Back Equipment Rentals maintains a fleet of over 75 units ready for your next job. Test packages ranging from 275 to 1440 psi, flare stacks, flow line, flare knockouts, line heaters, and pressurized storage, are all available when you need it. All equipment is thoroughly inspected before and after each rental for deficiencies, ensuring the structural and operational integrity of the units. You can be confident that your rental unit will perform as designed.

  • Flare Knockouts 

    Flare Knockouts

  • Frac Trailers 

    Frac Pack Trailers

  • Hydraulic Manifolds 

    Hydraulic Manifold

  • Hydraulic Junk Catcher 

    Hydraulic Junk Catcher

  • Line Heaters 

    1 MMBTU – 5,000psi 3” in/out

    1.5 MMBTU – 5,000psi 3” in/out

    2 MMBTU – 5,000psi 3” in/out

    3 MMBTU – 10,000psi 3” in/out

    4 MMBTU – 5,000psi 3” in/out

  • Portable Grease Trailer